The Red Basil
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About me

My name is Claudia. I was born and raised in a little medieval city called Treviso, in the north of Italy.
Ever since I was a little girl I have been deeply passionate about food. 

I’m a visual storyteller and graphic designer. I started The Red Basil as a place to share my over-growing passion for cooking and photography.
It has become a collection of stories and visual impressions of food, culture, travel and lifestyle. My huge interest in cooking began to take shape after High School, when I started attending College. I came to enjoy very much the process behind each recipe and started experimenting and spending an increasing amount of time in the kitchen. After a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Communication I decided to shift my career path and enroll in a master in Food & Wine Communication, always led by this increasing passion for the world of food.

Food is so much a part of who I am, my family have always found a great taste in eating and being at the table all together, considering it a moment of joy and sharing, for the spirit and the heart. My parents were particularly gourmet and they loved looking for typical and local restaurants in the Veneto countryside. I remember how I loved those foggy Sundays in the middle of the fall, spent all together eating in a local restaurant in the hills and then outside in the forest looking for fresh chestnuts among the red leaves that creaked as we passed on the path. Cooking reminds me of the happiest moments spent with my loved ones, it reminds me of the scent of my mom's apple pie freshly baked on Sunday afternoons and the sizzle of fresh mushrooms cooked by my father collected the same morning in the woods behind our house in the mountains.

This Blog

I love to share food with other people like family and friends. The Red Basil is my laboratory: where I create, experiment and share my culinary adventures. I always have been inspired by nature and fresh products that every specific season gently offer us.
I develop new recipes or use the traditional Italian ones with food coming from organic shops, from my garden and from the local farmers markets.